Top College Football Teams Heading For The Playoffs

College football is something that seems to draw large crowds and captures the interest of many people. There are some top college football teams that are headed for the playoff games.

Florida State certainly qualifies and may very well make it to the playoffs. The team has many talented players that have the opportunity to show what they are made of in August. The title preseason game in August is an important game that Florida State could very well win. Florida State holds a 2016 record of 10-3.

Michigan is another team that has many talented and ambitious players. Michigan has a strong defense with very few loses. In addition, the team has Jim Harbaugh which most would agree is a┬ávery good asset for any team. Michigan’s record in 2016 is 10-3. Michigan could very well be headed for the play off games.

Oklahoma has a standing record in 2016 of 11-2. Oklahoma’s defense could stand a bit of improvement however, sports fans seem to take an optimistic view on Oklahoma’s chances of participating in the up and coming play off games. The team is very close to actually taking the Big 12. Oklahoma is certainly capable of a great deal if given the opportunity.

Penn State Nittany Lions have a huge plus on their side. The return of Joe Moorehead was great news to team members for a variety of reasons. In addition, the team also has quarterback Trace Mc Sorley which gives Penn State another great advantage. Many predict that Penn State have an excellent chance of making it to the 2017 playoff games. Running back Saquon Barkley will certainly give the team a boost.

Stanford could very well make it to the 2017 play off games. With David Shaw standing behind the team almost anything could happen. Shaw is a definite asset and positive force for all players involved. Stanford has a record in 2016 of 10-3. The team’s focus at present is replacing Christian Mc Caffrey. Mc Caffrey may not be easy to replace however I am sure the team will find a suitable player. Many will be rooting for Stanford hoping that they will make the play off games.

West Virginia will be acquiring a new quarterback as well as a change in their defense strategy. These changes could very well improve the overall quality of their entire team. Many predict it may be a big breakthrough season for Dana Holgerson. Some predict that the team is in line for a top three finish in 2017. Like any of the other qualified teams only time will tell if West Virginia does in fact make it to the play offs.

The play off games are important and some teams can surprise many when they do in fact make it to these very important games. Anything can happen in the world in sports and it usually does. The 2017 play off games will certainly be something that will fascinate many regardless of who ends up winning.

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